Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The hopeful site

Located just north west of Denver, IA sits a nice development called Rose Hills.  A member of our church owns the development, and we have discussed this lot location shown above for the site.  It is an undeveloped portion of the site, however the plan is to acquire approximately one acre.  The house would have a southern facing front elevation on relatively flat terrain. 

The site then slopes down to the north allowing a walkout basement opening up to a backdrop of nothing but mother nature.  Hitting the tree line, it drops rather rapidly to a small revean with an often dry stream at the bottom.  With the clearing to the south, this allows the house to be placed to take advantage of winter solar heat gains.  With the thicker trees to the north (a good portion of them being evergreen), this should also allow for decent north prevailing wind blockage as well.

Here are some additional photos of the site.

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