Saturday, February 25, 2012

Revised.....sort of.....but a new location......probably.....

Title basically says it all.  I think we have ruled out the Denver location for a variety of reasons.  We have shifted gears and are focusing on the Dike Fox Ridge development.  There are a few lots available for a good price in a great community.  Great schools, shorter drive into work for Shan, about the same for me, and closer to family.  An no, Mom, not so you can see me that much more, but rather baby-sit the boys! (Chester and Bo of course, and possibly little Jesses eventually)

So to fit the lot and the area, we have to revise the plan, again.  However this was easy since we have about 30 plans floating around on my computer to choose from we designed at one point or another.  So we decided to go back to the previous plan and tweak it slightly.  The lot orientation and slope are not exactly what we were hoping originally, but we think we actually are liking it better now then before.

We no longer have a walk out basement, but rather a standard basement.  We will still do some day lit windows in rooms down there however.  The biggest change is adding a 3rd compartment to the garage for a shop space and mower space since we can not have a storage shed on the lot.  But this actually ended up working pretty nice, at least Shan loves my idea.  In order to make the roof lines work nicely, we gain half of the porch covered, which has been relocated to conveniently right off the kitchen.  Also because we do not have a walkout, it can allow the deck to flow nicely to a patio surface instead of having high railing and stairs.  I will most likely go with a platform deck without railings if my grades work out. 

Anyway, attached is a revised, most current plan.  We are moving forward and getting final numbers in from everyone on this plan.  Once that is complete, we will go to the bank and see what our options are.  Once we figure that out, the house goes on the market. Hopefully this all takes place in March sometime.  Time is really running out!  We have been slowing starting to pack up stuff, take to Goodwill, and throw stuff away. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Road block....

So we found out there may be issues with the lot we want.  Turns out the shared sanitary system is outdated and currently violating DNR regulations.  Because of this, the county has suspended new permitting until the development is corrected.  I have spoken with the owner and he will hopefully try to get something moving.  I have also spoken with the county inspector proposing a private septic so we would not affect the community system.  He did not say no, but rather is "reserving to decide" until further action is taken with the current system.  I happen to find this quite pointless as my new system will not affect anything else...I sense he is attempting to use my purchase as an incentive for the owner to correct the issue. 

When I originally talked with the owner over a year ago, he said they had this issue, but a septic would be fine.  I had planned on that ever since...until now.

We have browsed online for other lots and locations, but of course nothing is really of interest.  We also do not want to just settle on something else and hurry into it.  I think we will wait it out and see what happens over the next couple of months.  I will just have to keep pressure on the owner and the inspector to come to a resolution or agree to premit us for a septic system.  He never said no after all...but never said yes. 

Besides, what new home construction isn't really construction without issues before anything even gets going!