Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Well since the last posting, I have redesigned a completely new house and concept.  We looked at a 2 story option and worked up a design.  However after more talking and thinking about it...we decided to scrap the 2 story and stick with the single story.  It will be easier to build, safer to build, and we like the functionality of single level. 
However we also looked at a more traditional craftsman style and I went to the drawing board to try and make it not so text book.  I admit, it is still a basic home with simple craftsman inspired details, but lets not forget efficient homes are not mean to be complex.  They are meant to be fairly simple to keep the details simple.  This sort of a home lends itself to that.  We also feel, in the area, it is more fitting then the other designs we have looked at. 
By playing with the color scheme, I was able to "modernize" the typical green and brown inspired craftsman homes.  I am proposing using 2 tone blue-gray siding and white trim.  However I am using a charcoal colored fascia, soffit, and gutters, as well as paint color matched decorative post gable details. 
It uses a simple truss roof with hipped sides.  The rear is a simple slope with no other detailing for easy construction and cost savings.  The eyebrow set of 3 windows is functional casting additional light into the dining space below.  The triple windows below would be 2 fixed on the outer sides with the center operable. 

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