Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Road block....

So we found out there may be issues with the lot we want.  Turns out the shared sanitary system is outdated and currently violating DNR regulations.  Because of this, the county has suspended new permitting until the development is corrected.  I have spoken with the owner and he will hopefully try to get something moving.  I have also spoken with the county inspector proposing a private septic so we would not affect the community system.  He did not say no, but rather is "reserving to decide" until further action is taken with the current system.  I happen to find this quite pointless as my new system will not affect anything else...I sense he is attempting to use my purchase as an incentive for the owner to correct the issue. 

When I originally talked with the owner over a year ago, he said they had this issue, but a septic would be fine.  I had planned on that ever since...until now.

We have browsed online for other lots and locations, but of course nothing is really of interest.  We also do not want to just settle on something else and hurry into it.  I think we will wait it out and see what happens over the next couple of months.  I will just have to keep pressure on the owner and the inspector to come to a resolution or agree to premit us for a septic system.  He never said no after all...but never said yes. 

Besides, what new home construction isn't really construction without issues before anything even gets going!

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