Friday, December 27, 2013

HERs score is in....and?

Well finally got the paperwork back.  And it looks pretty good.  It received a 5 star + certification (the + means it went far beyond requirements, roughly 40% actually) for Energy Star certification.
And the HERs score?  Well, we got a 37.  Benchmark house for energy star was 58.  We needed to be 5% better than that to qualify for the big rebates.  I'd say we hit that.  Benchmark new homes are typically 100. 

All in all, the ratings for the house have been very good, and I am happy.  My goals were quite extreme, and possibly unrealistic, but we managed to put together a very efficient home.  Factor in the rebates and it did not cost nearly anything more than if we would have built code minimum. 

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