Thursday, December 27, 2012

Garage walls going up

With the forms poured, its time to frame up the garage walls and interior bearing walls so we can set the trusses next week.  Today I worked on framing the garage walls, installing the top plates on the ICF for the trusses to sit, and started to strip forms. 

All of the garage walls are framed at this point.  I need to work on the sheathing next.

Here is what you do with extra foam left over from the ICF forms.  The flat wall fits almost perfectly into a 2x6 box header.  Since the garage will be insulated, I am insulating the headers as well. 


  1. Was it the engineer who stated that you needed a steel lintel in the 12" space between the windows?

    1. yes, the house is fully engineered. The depth of concrete in relation to the span is not enough to support the roof loads.