Monday, January 21, 2013

Trusses and interior framing going

Brought in some help to set trusses and speed up getting the roof on.  Cold weather and weekend work with friends and family does not go very far when doing a new complete roof.  We decided to hire out the work of setting trusses, installing sheathing and roof covering.

 After the garage framing was completed and the walls sheathed, they started setting the mono slope trusses over the garage. 

In the mean time, me and some friends worked on framing the interior walls.  We got them all up in a weekend for the most part.   Looking at the dining room below

This is the clerestory wall framed and ready to be lifted into place after the glulam beam is set.

We framed the back side of the mono slope trusses since this is technically an exterior wall in the great room.  Spray foam will be used on the back side of the sheathing to insulate it and seal it up.
Similarly, we sheathed the large wall by the stairs since this is also an exterior wall (attic space, same as the garage trusses).

After that was completed, they started on the west end working towards the center setting the gable trusses.  They set the 6x19 architectural glulam, followed by the clerestory wall that was sitting on the floor. 

The clerestory is framed sitting on the glulam (stays exposed and will get stained) with 14" TJI joists.  These are deeper than structurally needed, however I selected this depth to allow for 14" of insulation.  These will later get spray foamed to seal up the roof and allow it to not be vented.

The exterior sheathed wall and the exterior of the clerestory wall also received exterior XPS foam to help seal it up and create a thermal break.  This will be foamed and taped prior to furring strips and siding installed. 

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