Monday, January 21, 2013

Windows and Doors installed

The temps outside are really starting to drop as we head through January.  Glad we are finally getting it enclosed.  We worked on installing the windows over the last week.  Despite the size, they installed very easily. 

We went ahead and installed the monster 8x7 front window. Took 4 guys and it was still a strain. One thing I noticed however was how sturdy this large window was. It did not flex, bow or anything when we were trying to move it around. obviously we were being very careful, but I would have assumed, with the vertical and horizontal mulls combined with the size and weight it would flex some. But it was very solid; well built. We loaded it onto a boom fork lift and drove it into place. It installed very easy (once we got it there). Shimming was a piece of cake, even given its size. The unit was perfectly square. installing it into the ICF made a difference as well as it is very strong without any flex, give, or bounce you sometimes have in wood construction. Very happy about that.
Here it is in its place. 8' wide by 7' tall. fixed uppers and 2' tall awnings below. All triple pane. We installed it early because the front porch has big posts that come down. With the posts in place, we would not have been able to boom it into place, so it went in now.

Here is the inside view of it. 

Here are some views with the rest of the windows installed:
looking at the dining, front entry area, and the first bedroom far right.

Looking up at the clerestory:
Looking at the kitchen area

Looking at the living room windows.  A floor to ceiling fireplace will go between the windows.



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  1. Your doors and windows look great! I love the idea of having different sizes of frames for the windows. It certainly enhanced the style of your living room. Are you done with the whole project? It's been a while since had an update about your house.