Monday, June 24, 2013

Interior work continues

 When its raining, we move inside.  Still lots to do in here, but its slowly getting there. 

Below is our hardwood flooring we selected.  We went with strand bamboo.  Not only do we like the way it looks, its also one of the hardest hardwoods to put down.  We have done scratch tests with this products and some others including Pergo XP, and this is very durable.  Hopefully it holds up to the little boy's claws as they run around. 

Speaking of boys...Chester and Boa is sometimes making the trip with us to work for the day.  Here he is inspecting the tile that goes up on the fireplace.  It is a 6x24 tile that will be in a vertical, random ashlar pattern.

The laundry room got its cabinet installed along with the floor trim.  This room is basically done pending some staining the window and installing the sill.  Cork is installed on the floor.

Master bedroom is coming together.  Closet door installed, trim installed, and need some more final touches prior to carpet.

 Master shower is tiled and grouted.  Needs cleaned some more, but its getting there.

Cabinets in the bathroom.  Went with full height and depth "kitchen" cabinets for additional space and more comfort standing there vs standard bathroom vanities. Yep, also from Ikea.

Stone floor in the shower.  Needs a lot of cleaning.  This was a bear to grout and clean, so it has been a process.  But I think it will be worth it. 

The white tile wraps around the wall and around the bathtub.  The grout lines line up across the floor to the walls.

The black floor tile- needs more cleaning obviously.  Its a fairly dark black when its clean.  Really like this tile. 

Ventured back to Galena IL. finally and picked up our table we bought in one of the stores there over New Years.  I can not recall the wood, but we really liked the natural distressed and cracking look.  This is a really heavy table.  It is made of solid 1 1/4" boards on top and solid tapered 6x6 legs.  It is a 5x5 size so we will have 2 chairs on each side. 

close up of the graining of this wood.  This will look great in the dining room.  Love mixing old with new/modern. 

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