Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Granite slabs reserved

Well we ventured out to look at some stone yards to see what we could find for our granite.  We were in search of some white granites, which are not the easiest thing to find.  We headed to Epic Stone in Davenport, IA as it was recommended by a fabricator.  We ended up having some good luck, as we found a couple slabs to reserve. 
We found a few whites we thought were ok, and River White was our favorite.  This is a slab that was close, but still not quite there.  We want something with a lot of streaks in it.  I was not ready to reserve it, but it was the closest they had we saw. 

Then I was peaking at the stack of River White granites sitting there, and I noticed the batch behind the first few slabs.  They were stick out just a couple inches past the front ones, but it was just enough to see a lot of streaks and veining on the edge of the slab.  This appeared promising.  We called the warehouse worker over and they moved the top two slabs so we could see the batch behind it.  We were certainly glad we did, as these slabs were MUCH better looking and what we were after. 
There is a lot of veining, and in general the overall tone is white.  The veins are a combination of blacks, greys and dark browns.  The speckles (Blood spots as Shan calls them) are a combination of medium to darker brown with hues of plum color.  Really nice looking slab. 
This image makes it look yellow, but its white.  The overall picture shows the slab pretty well.

This closeup looks more realistic to the colors.

We reserved 2 slabs.  They should go nicely with the dark cabinets in the kitchen. 


  1. Beautiful slabs. We're going to build just NE of Waterloo IA so it's good to hear there are store yards with what I want.

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