Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Roof completed

Finally got around to completing framing the roof.  Right when we thought we could get it done, we had a spell of bad weather.  An ice storm followed by several inches of snow.  It has not snowed in about a month, so naturally the second we are ready to start shingling it does. 
Anyway, the garage and back half of the roof was shingled.  However it could not be finished since I needed to finish building the front porch. 

Finally got a so so day to finish framing the roof up.  It was not the easiest to do alone, but it was not too bad.  Here are a few images of the completed front porch roof.

Cedar tongue and groove planks go on the under side of the porch and the cedar 4x12 beams stay exposed and sealed.  This weekend I need to build the large column boxes all the way up and around the treated posts.  They will be built out and get covered in 1x10 cedar boards to stay natural on the upper part and stone on the lower part. 

After these photos were taken the roof was finished and shingled.  We are now water tight from above.  Good step to finally get completed. 

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  1. For a one-man construction, you definitely did a great job, Jesse! :D How long did it take you to finish this again? I'm pretty sure the part which slowed you down most here was getting the tools and materials you needed. It might have been easier if you had an assistant to hand you those. Anyway, do you plan to design the porch roof as an extension of the main house's roof?