Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sun Enters the House

Well the sun was shinning today and really melting starting to melt the snow.  I decided to bring out my good camera for some images instead of always using my phone.  I took pictures of every single wall in every room as well as the ceiling spaces.  This will document where everything is if I ever need to reference wire runs in the future.  However I noticed something with the full sun shinning today...the sun's depth with in the house.  I did a solar study with my model of the interior to see where the sun would hit the inside.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the sun was hitting far back into the space as the model displayed. 

South elevation getting full sun.  You can see the overhangs are just barely shadowed just above the windows.

Clerestory windows collecting full sun.

I messed with the aperture on the camera to enhance the sun spots on the back wall from the clerestory so they really pop out.  I estimate from the window to the spot that is about 25' the sun is reaching.  I placed my hand on the spot and the foam was warm to the touch, and cool to the touch in the shadowed area.  Pretty cool.

Looking at the front entry and towards the bedrooms collecting sun.

Sun in the bedrooms.

Even the laundry room gets some sun action.

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