Sunday, October 28, 2012

ALL forms are up.

Yep, they sure are.  Took us less than a week at working a couple hours at night and all day Saturday and Sunday.  They went up really easy for the most part.  I was honestly surprised at how well everything fell into place with being square and straight.  I knew I could do it, but I expected more issues than this....I am sure they will come eventually. 

We had a great weekend to work.  Almost no wind, and the sun was out most all day on Saturday and Sunday.  One thing that made me happy was seeing the sun out.  The entire south elevation was being hit by sun most of the day as it went across the sky.  I look forward to when its all enclosed this winter without any heat.  The sun should manage to keep it well above freezing even when temps are near 0.

The engineer uses a jump wall (basically a concrete beam) to span the gap between the garage forms and the house forms.  This allows us to not have to step the footings down.  Pretty typical in this area.  I had to cut large openings through the steel corner and insert rebar through the corners to allow concrete to flow from the garage stem walls into the house walls and tie it all together.  It took a little time, but everything lined up nicely and worked well.

Looking east at the garage.  I need to make the garage door drop cut in the foam, about 1'.  The grade will need to be built up and slope all the way up.  It will use a lot of fill, but good thing there is a lot of it sitting around the house.  I will not have to pay to have it moved off site at least. 

We left these 2 panels out until we pour the wall to allow easy access into the basement.  It will take us less then 5 mins to get these in there, so well worth not having to climb through the windows.

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