Saturday, October 27, 2012

Basement Forms up

making progress.  The Hobbs ICF forms are going up very quick.  The pictures I am posting are slightly outdated.  We managed to get the basement forms completed today and the garage squared and snapped out.  Tomorrow we will finish the garage forms and hopefully start setting ledgers in the basement.  Then we will start getting the final bracing in place and plumbing everything. 

The hardest part of the Hobbs forms is setting the strong backs to hold everything together tight, and this isn't even very hard.  The corners and window bucks are slightly time consuming, but I think after some more practice that will pick up too.  We can certainly get the panels up fast however once all of the prep work is done.

We did have a mishap on Thursday.  Strong windows blew the north wall partly down, and almost the entire west wall blew down.  Shannon, my dad and I worked in the strong winds and cold late into the night Thursday getting it back up and braced much better.  We could not leave it how it was obviously.  So that cost me a night.

This is the scene at night.  Lights are set up so we can work till 9 or so.

Since this picture, we have finished that entire south face. 

Will get up the garage forms in the morning.  They should go up really quick.  I need to build a jump wall to tie the garage wall to the house.  That will take some time however.

Here is the remaining foam for the upper level as well as the sub slab foam for below the basement.  2" of Formular 250 XPS will go below the basement slab, on top of 6 mill poly vapor barrier.  7" of rock was placed inside the house and around the Form a Drain.  This is a recipe for a nice warm, dry basement. 

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