Monday, October 1, 2012

All Staked out

Progress to report...sort of.  After some sitting around waiting on the appraiser, we finally closed the home construction loan last week and are proceeding with the build. Building permit is pulled.  It is staked out on the lot, and Sean "the Digger" (do not know his last name) is supposed to show up on Wednesday or Thursday of this week to get the hole dug.  Plumbing rough in will follow.

We will then start late this week and weekend getting the Form-a-Drain forms in the ground for the footings, with some rebar.  ICF forms are ordered from Hobbs and should arrive in a few weeks. 

I am bringing on an energy consulting firm and a HERS rater for the project.  They are required for the several certifications we will need to do to obtain some of the large rebates due to the design.  They will review the plans and do a pre-construction energy assessment compared to a "model home" (or a standard code min. built home in the area) to produce the HERS score and find out how much more efficient it should really be.  For people's reference, a standard code min. home in our zone 6 would be 2x6 exterior framing with osb sheathing, house wrap, and fiberglass batt insulation.  However with new 2012 IECC coming out, this type of construction will not cut it much longer. 

They will also complete a few blower door tests during the project.  They will complete a blower door test after the shell is up, roof is on, and we feel we are "air tight", but before insulation.  There will also be a final test completed after insulation. 

We are finally getting there.  Our weekends are officially dead, I think.

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