Sunday, October 14, 2012

Forms are in, Hobbs ICF "studs" Delivered

The Form-a-Drain forms are been installed and everything is lining up nicely.  Since these photos, they have been fully staked and leveled.  They are approximately +/- 1/8" or better at this point. 
Now we are working on trying to get the garage footer forms done.  Rain is delaying us from working.  It doesn't rain all summer, then all of the sudden we have a hole in the ground and it rains, a lot, on the weekend of course.  Figures.

They are pretty straight.  Can not complain too much about that.

 The slots on the inside form collect sub slab water to keep things dry on the inside.  The upper slots collect radon and will vent it out the house.

 The Hobbs vertical form ICF studs were delivered Friday morning.  I met the semi with a fork lift around 7:15.  The driver, no joke at all, looked exactly like Johnny Depp. I all most asked him if I could take a picture, but decided not too.  Figured he got it all the time.  Super nice guy though.  I unloaded the first pallet with the lift, but realizing this guy is in the trucking business, he would probably be faster at it from working on loading docks.  So I had him do the rest.  They weighed between 1200-1700 pounds.

The studs and foam forms (which get delivered on Tuesday) are precut to the exact length (height) of the walls.  The basement walls are 9' 7 to account for the floor structure and the upper wall vary from 8', 9' and 11'. 

Close up of the studs.  The flanges are 2 1/2" wide for a lot of attachment surface.  The foam panels goes in between the flanges.  The rebar snaps into each one of these forms.  Lots of rebar!

These are their corner panels.  They are an inner and outer layer of steel.  They hold the corners perfectly square and very strong. 

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